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20' rims deep dish rims will they fit??


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June 11, 2010
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Bayshore, Newyork
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2003 XLT
Hey guys I been thinking about the mustang bullitt rims for my 02 explorer for some time now

I finally found a pair that I like and for cheap off of Oewheelsllc.com

They are a 20" bullitt deep dish style repilca wheels- chrome, but the back wheel is a 20x10

The specs are

Front wheel is 20x8.5 with 24mm offset
Rear Wheel is 20x10 with 22mm offset
Bolt Pattern 5-4.5"

Will these rims fit an explorer or will I need any custom fab to get them to work? and of course any opionins too :)



With that width and offset, I think they will probably stick out of the fenders some. If you were going lifted with bigger tires, no big deal. But if you are running stock height or lowered, I think they will probably interfere with the fenders. A 10" wheel in the back is pretty wide, what's the reason for wanting a staggered wheel?

I was thinking about eventually lowering the explorer.I dont mind that it would be sticking out the sides a few inchs, but if it rubs on the trim that be a problem..

The reason for the 20x10 in the back is because that was the only way the website sells them with the deep dish. They have the regual 20x8.5 on all corners but they werent the deep dish rims.