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20" rims with 265/50/20? help before i make bad decision


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June 11, 2010
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Bayshore, Newyork
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2003 XLT
Hey guys havent posted in a while have been having some money problems.

So this winter i picked up a pair of American Racing Rogues 20"x8.5in ( Black w/ Machined Lip) for $300
So now i am in the hunt for some tires. a friend of mine has a pair or 265/50/20 nitto terra grapplers brand new he is willing to sell to me for $100 ea.

When i was looking for tires i was looking at 275/45/20, my question is for you tire junkies will there be any rubbing or anything before i purchase 265/50/20 tires.?

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265/50R20 is 1.5" taller and 1.5" wider than your OE size (235/70R16? should be OE). I think it may rub. OE tire 28.9" OD and 9.4" wide. Your possible 265 replacement tire is 30.4" OD and 10.9" wide. A lot may depend what the offset of your new wheels are too.

Got the specs on the rims

American Racing Rogues
20" x 8.5"
bolt pattern: 5x114.3
offset: +35mm
backspacing: 6-1/8"

Go to Tire Rack and take a look at tires for your car....they give you the option to see tires that will fit your rim size and that will give a very close overall diameter to your vehicle.....

I just purchased a pair of 22's from the sight based on this info and my car was lowered, no rubbing. Wheels also has the same offset and are 9.5" wide

I have 275/45/20 and it fits no probs. very close tho. about a finger space.
Don't know if this helps tho.

I found a website that i was able to put in both tires/sizes/offsets/backspacing..

It gave me this information.. The 265/50/20 tires are going to be 6mm closer to the brakes/suspension. The new tires will be 24mm furthur out from the previous tire. and fill out the wheel well 19mm more...

I really dont know what this information means but if someone who knows tire sizes hopes this helps to understand my question?

I ran that size on mine with +38mm offset wheels, and they fit good and looked really good. They are a good size, cause they don't change the effective gearing to much from stock, and fill up the wheelwells nicely. I liked them on mine, at stock height it was perfect.

you wouldnt to happened have a picture of the 265/50/20 on ur truck would you?