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2000 AWD Xploder from Turbo back to NA

After getting an estimate on how much it would run me to fix up my Xploder with all new exhaust, cold side piping, and a bunch of other stuff done up the "right" way... I've decided to convert my Xploder back to NA form so that I can actually ENJOY the truck before I die of old age.

Anyways... To start it off I ordered up a MAC cold air intake (I do not have the stock intake) and sold my FMS headers on ebay.

I plan on buying a set of torque monster headers in the next week or so but am still up in the air on how I should run my exhaust from a performance "speed" perspective. I do not plan on doing much, if any, off road driving, so am looking for a setup that improves take off and speed for spirited pavement driving that sounds good.

I already have the spare tire removed (and will be keeping it off, I have free towing anyways lol)... What would an optimal setup be with the above in mind and no worry of a spare tire being in the way? True duals (straight pipe off of each header, thru separate mufflers, and out the sides), or a dual exhaust both going into a 2 in 2 out "H" pipe style muffler and then out the sides? Or something else? In all cases I won't be running any cats.

I also plan to re-tune my car since currently it is tuned for the turbo setup which obviously will no longer apply once I rip everything out.

Thank you for any input! :)


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July 14, 2010
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San Antonio, TX
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2000 XLT AWD
Another update... truck still driving great.. no sounds from the belt now that I switched back to the full belt I was running before, lol... I'll just keep it in place.

It's getting colder here so I'll keep putting off my AC nightmare for a while longer and then pay someone to get it going before summer hits again :D

I am getting a tad bit of rubbing in the front if I hit a huge dip or bump at higher speeds or when backing down my downslope driveway and turn the wheel at the same time. I'll check into maybe doing a little more trimming when I get a chance :D