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2000 EB V8 AWD-Unplug IAC =Smooth Idle


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May 5, 2007
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Chandler, Arizona 85224
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2000 E/B AWD 5.0
Howdy all.
When the engine is running & at normal temp, if you unplug the IAC, shouldn't the rpm's go down? Maybe even stall the engine?
I purchased this ex new and it's my wifes daily driver. I don't drive it very often.
Start-up idle is around 1500 +/- and warm idle is 1000-1100. I actually cannot remember it ever being otherwise. She just turned 70,000 and i'm doing a complete tune up and while checking under the hood, I remembered the idle always seemed a little high.
So, running @ normal temp, I UNplugged the IAC and the idle came down to 600 +/- and was as smooth as silk!!! Normal?? Should I just leave it unplugged lol??

IAC valves are a common problem on 5.0L

So you think that it's bad?? Needs to be cleaned??