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2000 Eddie Bauer front bumper cover assembly


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May 15, 2003
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Redding, Ca
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2000 EB
Last winter I hit some nasty black ice on this wicked off camber turn in a hwy up by Mt Lassen, California. I slid into a 6' snow bank. I got everything fixed by a guy who used to work at a body shop. Everything was done well except for the front bumper, which was dented by a street sign and the front bumper cover, which eventually fell off because the dent in the actual bumper made it sit back to deep and it rubbed on a tire.

I replaced the inner front bumper but I cant find any info or diagrams on how the bumper cover attaches to the front. Anyone have information on what bolts and where they go? 197,000 miles and still running strong. Thanks!

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Can I get some help with how the front bumper cover attaches to the bumper. I have the cover. I just dont have the screws/bolts/ fasteners. Thanks!

Someone has to know what bolts or fasteners are needed to attach the front bumper out cover to the inner bumper.


I don't know but if there aren't bolt holes then I'd guess either molded on plastic studs, that you don't see because they broke off, or some kind of metal clips.

If all else fails I'd head over to a junkyard to see if any there are EB and look at the bumper.

It mounts with plastic clips with screws in them, and sheet metal screws in the fenders, I believe.

Not sure if this pic will help.....if same style as yours......