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2000 Explorer -Best tire for N. East

Hey Guys, I'm searching through tons of good info on this, but in the meantime any one with good feedback I would appreciate.
Stock Explorer 2000, it came with 235 75 15, now I picked up some nice 2004 Sport Track with 255 70 16 rims, one of the tires seems to have a problem as it makes a humming noise of sorts. If I replace them not sure if to go with Highway tires or Duelers. I had Michelin Cross Terrains and liked them pretty much. I have not been a fan of Good Year for a while but the 16's Good Year Wrangler RT/S, I picked up stick like glue on dry and wet?!? Pleasantly surprised. Any highway snow info, road noise etc would be appreciated. As for off road I barely go into unpaved areas with my Scout Troop but so does one of my leaders with a Volvo wagon and his $25 Sears tires. lol

OK enough from me let me hear fro you guys.
Thank you.

I put a set of these on my 2001 xlt last fall and so far really like them. Quiet, good in the rain, snow, and have a good tread warranty. Plus, Kelly lets you try them for 30 days and the price was great. They also look great, Kelly is owned by Goodyear, so they are a American made tire.