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2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer edition Mach Audio upgrade

Shane Rogers

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August 25, 2019
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2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I’m trying to find out how to connect the aftermarket radio wiring harness and the adapter plug of a Metra wiring harness kit. I have the complete wiring diagrams that were sent to me from Haynes. I emailed them after buying the book and not finding any radio diagrams in it. Now the diagram for the radio plug shows each wire and their purpose. But when it comes to the rear speakers it shows 2wires with the same purpose; Amplifier/Speaker Switch Feed. There’s not any other wire showing for a ground. The front speakers show a voice coil feed,and a Speaker Switch Ground. If anyone has any ideas or solutions I would appreciate the help.

Isn't the mach system same as pre 1998 jbl (i have the jbl)

Audiophile Systems these systems are branded; Ford/JBL from 1990-1997, Ford/Mach from 1998
through 2001 use a 4X15 Watt Premium radio (AM/FM/Cassette, or AM/FM/Cassette/CD)
the amplifier was external from 1990 through 1997; integrated into the radio from 1998 through 2001
the speakers are upgraded over the "Premium" level speakers the Audiophile Systems include a Subwoofer in a sealed enclosure with a dedicated subwoofer amplifier

Edit: does "explorer audiophile harness" provide any positive search results.

The 98-01 Explorers have different radio wiring than earlier Explorers. I gather it is a better wiring system, no need for adapter devices, but the Mach or Premium system do have unique wiring and connectors.

I didn't know that the aftermarket harness adapters didn't come with full instructions of colors, as the OP noted. The one radio I installed into my 99 Limited was no trouble. The HU was a very old Kenwood that I'd had on two other cars before.

I bought a harness adapter for my 99 Explorer, and the wires matched up fine by colors. I think something is odd to not be able to find the right adapter or instructions. My install though was different, I bypassed the stock amp which was removed, and just went directly to the speaker wires. So I used the instructions to identify the speaker wires, and the others were normal basic power wires and antenna.

The Mach and Premium both have wiring that goes through console wiring, for the rear passenger controls. That complicates things, but should have nothing to do with the wiring at the radio.

This stereo system has been almost a night mare to figure out I have to admit. At one point I went to a friend of mine who owns his own automotive electronics shop asked him about this system. His reply was that he gave up years ago. I just rip it all out and start from scratch. I’m including with this post 2 pictures of the radio plug diagram from the Ford Service Manuel. I do have the complete radio wiring diagrams if you or anyone else would like to see them. It’s on a pdf I’ve tried to upload. Hopefully you can open it up if not send me your email and I’ll forward my email from Haynes. Still have fingers crossed for an answer.


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