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2000 Explorer. No tail lights or brake lights. Help please.


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September 5, 2010
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Modesto, Ca
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No brake lights or tail lights, backup lights on my 2000 explorer. The little amber lights do flash
when using the turn signals and also the hazard lights. Fuses seem to be

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It would be worth looking at the brake light "stop switch..." follow the brake pedal up (under the dash board) and attached to it's top is a switch that is actuated when you depress the brake pedal. If you have no tail lights AND no brake lights I would beg the question "did you install an aftermarket stereo, alarm system or disturb the wiring harness in anyway?"

It sounds definitely like a harness issue.

Thats what I was kinda wondering. It was A goverment vehicle and they had some kinda stuff hooked up to it from the mic holes Ive found on the dash. They also had something hooked up on left rear tail light. Thanks for the quick reply

I just removed an alarm system from mine, It was a hack job and it was causing a minute drain on the battery...

I took the Explorer into have A trailer harness installed on it. They told me that the lights werent working before they installed the flat four pin harness to my left tail light..? I was thinking that this year needed A special kinda harness that uses A direct hot wire from the battery. Dude charged me 100 bucks for three feet of wire..No way to prove that they were working before. Parking lights work on the front just fine.

Take out both rear light and look for the connectors, or under the bumpers
good luck

Same thing Ragajungle. To the Explorer into the mechanic and it was A alarm system that had caused all the trouble. Someone cut into the harness to take it out. Hack job
forsure. All is fixed and I'm one happy camper. Costly though...200 bucks to get it all
hooked up back to stock. Like the little Explorer, 79000 miles and getting 19 on the freeway. Fun to drive..:)

I wish I had taken pics of the birdnest of wires I hada sort out. Who ever put in the alarm didn't use butt connectors on anything... Thet even wired the ignition wires together using duct tape... I still have yet to start mine to see if it (even will start now) I am currently working on the transmission so it hasn't been running for a week now... I am glad to hear you got your issue sorted out!