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2000 explorer sport rear end sag


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September 3, 2012
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2000 ford explorer sport
Hello all,

I have a 2000 explorer sport with mono leaf springs in the rear end, I have noticed a sag in the back end and would like to correct it. Whoever I do not know which direction I should go.
Should I replace them with a multiple leaf spring from the junk yard,or buy a leaf spring helper , or get a air bag add on?

I would go with the multi-leaf, but get the newest ones you can. I got some out of a '96 and they didn't help as much as I planned and the bearings are really squeaky. The should help you get back to stock height though, even as old as a '96, but the bearings can be annoying.
I've heard bad things about the helper springs. While they are good for helping with loads, under normal conditions they can kill your ride and make it really rough.