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2000 Explorer V6 OHV Chronicles


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October 1, 2009
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Tijuana, B.C.
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2000 XLS
Hi everyone, since this is my first post (Actually the second if I count the introduction one) I'll make it clear.

I got my truck almost 3 months ago, and before taking it to the freeways, I decided to take it to a Shop so they can make a full diagnostic. Here's the list of the things they fixed:

1.- Suspension (The shock absorbers were OK actually).
2.- Brakes (All of them).
3.- One of the engine supports.

But the worst thing was when they told me that there was some noise coming out the transmission. Yes!!!, it was the transmission that was about to blow up. Before I got the car a lot of people told me explorer transmissions were junk, but I didn't hear those advises.

Well, a month later I got a 99 Explorer transmission for $450 (very cheap) and the problem was fixed.

I have to say that the truck have been working fine since then, but I always have the concern about the transmission, making my self the question "For how long is it gonna work? ... I already have 900 miles on the new transmission and everything seems OK.

I'll keep this truck for at least 1 year because of the insurance contract, but I want to tune it up so I don't have any difficulties when I decide to sell it next year ... so here's the thing:

Would someone give me some sort of List with the upgrades I can put on it, starting with some cheap upgrades like performance chips or a cold-air-intake. I'm talking about a sorted-by-price-and-priority upgrades list.

Truck Details: Ford Explorer 2000 XLS, 2WD 4-Door, V6 OHV Engine, 117000 Miles, 900 Miles on latest transmission, ABS light turned on.

Any help will be appreciated.