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2000 Limited Seats into 1996 EB


November 8, 2004
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Platteville, Wisconsin
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'96 Eddie Bauer
I want to install a full set of 2000 Limited seats into a 1996 Eddie Bauer Explorer. I know that the 2000 has a different power seat setup. The seats in the 96 only receive power from the connector under the seat, while the Limited seats have a memory function and are somehow connected to the GEM module. I was wondering, how difficult it would be to install these seats? What parts will I need to replace in order to get them functioning properly? Also, I know that the 2000 seats have side air bags. Would it be possible to set the air bags up and have them functioning? I have experience working with circuit diagrams and have some experience wiring such systems. If anyone can give me a hint as to what I'd be getting myself into, I would appreciate it. Let me know what modules would need to be swapped.

Thanks Much!

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Anything is possible. It's just a matter of whether or not it's feasible. I would be worried about the airbags. I'm thinking that would take a lot of parts to make work. Then, your sensors, etc would have to be placed in the exact location they are supposed to be in the exact orientation. Plus a new module, wiring, etc.

As to the memory seats, I haven't tried them in one of these. I would have figured the memory module was in the seat. But you are saying it's in the GEM?

I remember reading somewhere that the seat memory function is tied into the GEM module. I know that the seat memory is also connected to the power mirrors and the remote entry system. This is because the seat and mirror memory can be tied to different key fobs and will adjust the seats/mirrors when a different fob opens the doors. My door actually has the needed wiring harness for the memory switch because it is from a 97 Limited. I'm just wondering how I'm going to get it to work. I know that I could just setup the seats to work without the memory function, but it would still be nice if I could get it to work.

As for the air bags, I assummed it would be very difficult to get it to work.

thanks for the help

I wired my '95 Limited seats into my '95 XLT. No memory function, but I have all of the power functions. Had to rewire everything... Took a bit of trial and error.

On my 1999, the seat is self contained. The memory module is in the seat. I would be surprised if your is different. I can see no reference to the GEM. The RAP module gets involved, but nothing I can see on the GEM. However, I haven't looked at it real close and the memory module does need a ground signal from the starting system indicating it's in park or neutral. Not sure if it's using the GEM for that or not.

You will need the switches. If you have the proper door panel, great. If not, I would consider installing them on the seat itself and save a whole bunch of wiring headaches. That could be made to look very good if done right...and a whole bunch cheaper than trying to find the right door panel.

The more I look at this, the easier it looks. Honestly, wire in the switches and you are about done since the seat is self contained.

I would leave the airbags disconnected. They should be safe that way since they have a protective connector built in.