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2000 Radio Antenna issues, what are P/Ns and Antenna wire size?


March 10, 2008
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NW Ohio
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2000 Limited
I've had intermittently bad radio reception for months and month at this point, and having tried a couple of radios, cleaned and wiggled the fixed antenna, and finally noticed that the connection in the orange co-ax antenna wire behind the glove box has something to do with it.

If I wiggle it, I can make the reception way better or way worse.

So, if I could just replace the wires, cheaply, I would, but from searching a little, it sounds like the antenna base is fixed to its wire, and its a pricey dealer part. Since it is a pain to get in and out, I don't really want to swap junkyard parts in and out

What I'm thinking right now is that maybe I should get a aftermarket antenna extender cable, plug one end into the radio, and cut the other off. Then cut back the existing antenna to connector wire, and use a female-female co-ax coupler and crimp on male ends to connect everything.

Anyone ever try something like this? Any idea what size connectors I'd need? RG-58?