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2000 Ranger 4.0 coolant leak.


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December 31, 2013
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In my garage working on one of our vehicles.
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Horsepasture, Virginia.
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00 Ranger 4x4, 99 Sport.
About 1 month ago I came home from work & parked my truck only to find coolant dripping on the ground in several places. At that time it was not warm enough to work on it so I let it sit. Today it was 55° so I went back at it, I put some coolant dye in some coolant & started filling the cooling system until it started dripping again. It is dripping off the trans bell housing & front differential & if you look at the pic the recess in the front of the l/s cylinder head just below the p/s bolt hole has coolant in it that is showing blue from the dye & the black light, & if you look closely there is a blue streak down the front of the block. I can not see the back of the cylinder head to check it, but I ca feel what feels like the rear intake gasket sticking out from under the back of the intake. I started to tear it apart I got the a/c compressor & p/s pump out of the way, removed the upper intake & l/s valve cover & called it quits for the day. Where the coolant appears to be leaking from in the front of the cylinder head is that what we used to call back in the day freeze plugs?


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It also looks like those heads have been rebuilt because that little pop up heat sensor thing is what shops put on a head to check for warranty claims

Good time to replace lower intake valve cover upper intake fuel rail gaskets and freeze plugs

Yes they are rebuilt heads I put on about 6 years ago because the old ones were cracked.

Does anyone know what the sensor that is near the front of the l/s of the engine below the the p/s pump that screws into the engine block?.

Oil pressure sensor screws into the ohv engine under the power steering pump

Thank you, how does the connector come off it?

If it is the oil pressure sensor the single wire just pulls right off no clips or anything it is just a press fit

Thank you, how does the connector come off it?
I did mine not too long ago in the Home Depot parking lot where it failed and leaked all my oil out. Got it swapped out with just vise grips, easy as changing a light bulb! The wire pulls off and presses on like a spark plug boot.