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2000 Ranger AC help needed


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June 3, 2013
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2000 Ranger
Hello all... Trying to get the AC working on a 2000 Ranger. At first the compressor/clutch would not come on at all. Hit the schrader valve at the access port quick and there was some pressure. Went through all the fuses/relays and all appeared fine. Spent $55 on a refill kit (ReChill Kit @ Auto Zone) to get a gauge to check the pressure. Showed as being low so I added almost 1 can. The provided gauge now showed pressure as being high (it maxed) and the compressor clutch still wouldn't engage. Let it sit a day, again made sure all the fuses/relays were seated properly and now (a step in the right direction) the AC clutch will engage and the compressor kicks on but only for a few seconds. It will then turn off for 5 seconds, kick on again, and the cycle repeats.
Are the gauges provided in the kits reliable? I've read that some are crap and can't be trusted. I'm thinking I may have low pressure which is causing the clutch to disengage on the safety, but the gauge shows in the red at 80+ psi. Right now I'm afraid to add more or how to proceed. Any pointers/insights greatly appreciated!

The low pressure switch went bad on mine. Its located on the dryer near the low pressure port. To test it you can disconnect the switch and jump the wires in the connector. It the compressor cycles on you need to replace the switch. If not the problem is elsewhere.

*edit* reread the post and saw you stated the clutch is engaging. To me that definately seems like a pressure issue, I would verify with another guage if possible that the pressure is right. Also, I believe there is a high side switch to will cycle the compressor off if the pressure is to high, so that may be something to consider if too much refrigerant was added to the system.