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2000 Ranger brake problem


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September 23, 2013
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Fiarview Park ohio
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2000 ford ranger
Thank you for the invite to this forum Ive beejn a technician for 30 years but Ive run into a issue with a 2000 Ford ranger with low brake pedal everything has been replaced as far as shoes .pads calipers wheel cylinders drums rotors lines mastercylinder i bought truck for my son and replaced it all so i wouldnt have to do it later down the road..

Sounds like you have air trapped in the ABS system. I did a search here and found this:

If the HCU (Hydraulic Control Unit) is replaced or air is introduced a special tool is required to properly bleed the HCU.

"The brake master cylinder and Hydraulic Control Unit must be bled using Anti-lock Brake Adapter T90P-50-ALA and Jumper T93T-50-ALA. If this procedure is not followed, air will be trapped in the HCU which eventually leads to a spongy brake pedal."

Welcome to the forum:chug:

If there is air in the HCU and you lack the tools needed to bleed the HCU, you can disable it by removing the ABS relays and fuses, and re-bleed the system normally. You won't have ABS but the brakes will work fine once bled.