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2000 with 220,000 miles - Should I buy this?


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December 27, 2009
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Rochester, NY
Hi all,

Being new to the world of American cars (I've owned Japanese all my life, with mixed results, so I'm not sold on their reliability), I'm in the market for a new truck. Since I have a college-student budget, I need something cheap, reliable, and good for another 40-50k miles.

I've recently found a 2000 Explorer XLT for about $2000. Everything about the vehicle seems to be in good shape... except the mileage - 220,000 miles! I've never driven a vehicle over 200k, much less bought one at that point, but the price is perfect. Also, the Carfax (free from the dealer), looks outstanding; no major service, only one or two recalls, and that's it.

Here's the carfax: http://drp.ly/7bF8T

The only things that worry me are the mileage and the fact that this was a 'corporate fleet' vehicle. Do these things scream "Don't buy!" to you? Or should I take my chances? What's your experience with these vehicles at such a high mileage?

EDIT: Here's the listing, with photos: http://drp.ly/7bS8e

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It sure looks decent, despite the mileage. If i were you I would have a mechanical inspection done by an independent mechanic. Have him go over the drivetrain, suspension, and brake system with a fine tooth comb. Repairs to these systems after a puchase could go into the thou$ands.

That being said, if it checks out ok I certainy wouldn't be afraid of buying it. It looks good for a vehicle that has spent its whole life in the northeast.

No. Do your shopping wisely. The ad should read something like this; 2000 Explorer, 125,000 miles, full maintenance records, (retired old man, family has no use for it) $3,000.

Explain your situation and offer $2,000. and call you in two weeks. You will both get a call back with an offer around $2,200 and have found other deals.

The new one will need tires and a tune up costing some money. You should expect it to have some value all the time.

As an owner of a 2000 Mountaineer with 212k I would say yes, however I would want to see detailed service records.

My truck was bought new by my parents and I bought if from them but all routine maintenance was done to this truck. I bought it from them at 160k and have continued its needed upkeep. These trucks if properly maintained can run for 250k. Before you can expect a major mechanical failure.

The only thing I for see mine needing is an engine and trans overhaul. I recommend to any of my customers that want to buy a high mileage car to bring it to the shop for an inspection. Most shops only charge $30 or $40 to inspect a vehicle. Well worth it if you ask me.

If your not willing to invest in at least a trans overhaul I would not recommend you buy the truck.

Just my .02

Did you take it for a drive? If so, was the steering tight, any noises, clunks etc?

I'd really look the tranny over. Did it shift good or did it seem to "fall slowly" into drive? You also want to check whether it goes into reverse quicly or does it take a couple seconds.

my parents have the same looking same year explorer and it is very very reliable just have drivetrain (transferr case tranny and motor) well inspected by a trusty mechanic and see if they go down in price if not its still a good buy

and a good thing about this one is no hitch which usually means they didn't tow with it so motor and trans should be fine

Just my .02, dont buy it no matter the condition it is a TIRED truck.
Most of its components are worn and will start to fail.
Cars wear out no matter who or what their service record is.

I vote no, and hitman tells us why:

The only thing I forsee mine needing is an engine and trans overhaul.

Not what you want on a college student budget.

That's true...

For someone needing a second car, etc- that's a good find. Any major repair to that Ex will take you into the price range where you could have bought an Ex or Mounty with 13x,x.. miles. There are a lot around $3,000 to be found. I'd find one with less miles. It will nickel and dime you with sensors failing, etc.- let alone major repairs.

And don't trust the trailer hitch thing- with 220,000 miles, they could have pulled it off to get the exact reaction they got from you knowing you would think about that with 220k on it... ;)

hey guys, i worked at a valvoline oil change place yrs back and i'll tell ya, those corporate fleet vehicles are maintained like a mother#$!%&#. the people that drive them are not paying for maintenance, fluid change tires or anything else so they would do what ever was recommended by the manufacturer. i'll give you an example. "hello sir, according to ford(or whatever manufacturer the car was) at 80,000 mi you should have the trans fluid flushed, coolant flushed, tires rotated, power steering flushed,fuel filter", and on and on and on. and the people that brought it in the shop would say, "ok, do whatever needs to be done". $300-$400 later their out the door. why? because they don't pay for it, a fleet maintenance company does. so in my opinion, (however i would never recommend a vehicle without driving and looking at it first), i wouldn't be too scared to buy it.

*remember, this is just one man's opinion and experience*

I would look it over and ask to see any maintenance records but being a fleet vehicle and the way it looks in the pictures it was more than likely kept up with routine maintenance. If you don't know what you're looking for take it to a mechanic and have them put it on a lift and look it over and see how it checks out. I wouldn't be afraid to buy a truck like that with that many miles if it mechanically it checked out good and if the frame isn't rusted away. I would still see if they'd go down in price some.

thanks for all the opinions guys, that's exactly what i needed. i just found this over the weekend, so i'll be taking it for a test drive on Monday, and hopefully i'll be able to get it inspected.

I bought my 92 Eddie with that much on it, there was an equivalent ammount of rust on it lol, but its never let me down, besides when it needed a new rear brake line.

(I just looked at both ads) I would honestly go with the 95.

Incredibly less miles, and as long as you check it out, drive it, get it inspected, etc, it will last you alot longer, id almost guarantee it.

The only thing that makes me nervous is that it's a 4.0 SOHC with that many miles. I just skimmed the Carfax, but if the timing chain work was never done, I'd be very wary. If that was the 5.0, I'd say it was just broken in. ;)

I like the second one, myself... For the same reason as Celly. I'd bet you can get that second one for $1,500, and the dealer with the first one didn't give him more than $500 for that first Ex, and maybe $250. But, I suspect the underside is rusting away, if the bumpers are... Look where the rear bottom of the rear doors are for rust on the rockers. If it's there, it's everywhere...

I think you've got to hold out. There are a LOT of 2nd gen Explorers out there to choose from. The XL is a barebones Explorer. I bet you can find a well equipped EB or Limited if you watch carefully. See if you can find a 5.0. They last forvever.

The second one does only have 130K which isn't bad and the OHV V6, while sort of a boring powerplant, is rock solid if maintained. If I had to choose with the limited budget, I'd go there but I never much cared for the XL or the OHV V6 (my first Explorer had it...I've owned 4).

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I looked at the 95 ad, I had one with the same options and it was a comfortable truck to drive and it had a lot more miles. I would definitely see if the 2000 has ever had timing chain work done. The 95 isn't the greatest year for explorers but not horrible either, if it wasn't for personal reasons I would have never gotten rid of mine, mine had 207k on it and ran like a champ and are known for a long mileage life if maintained properly.