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2000 xlt rear end sag when towing


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July 25, 2004
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dale boro,pa.
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2000 xlt awd 5.0
my 2000 xlt sags badly when towing my boat-3000 lbs- or trailer-4000 lbs
it is 5.0 v8 4dr -awd
do i put in an extra leaf or add air shocks or what?

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Try getting some AAL's.. You can also trying getting your leaf spring re-arched.

What kind of tongue weight do you end up with, with your setups?

2000 xlt my boat is less than 500 lbs toungue ---trailer is at 500 lbs

what are AAL'S?

Add a leaf..

So like...has anyone done much to correct this ?

After towing my Camaro from Cali to PA, my rear sits lower too. I was thinking of jacking the body up and letting the rear suspension hang and loosing up the rear shackles and doing it that way...or should I just look for 4x4 rear springs ? Are they the same length ? Rate ?