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2000StreetRod's Helpful thread list


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May 26, 2009
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Greenville, SC
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00 Sport FI, 03 Ltd V8

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Thanks for the information. All very helpful.

Your detailed documentation has not only saved me a great deal of money and frustration but also lead me to be a better mechanic. I truely appreciate the great deal of time you have spent putting these procedures together.

Just to add a little.
Did not take engine out. Main tensioner broken as well as tensioner on balance shaft. Managed to get new balance shaft tensioner in without taking engine out. Took new spring off new base, notched the spring on the end that goes on the pin, bent old (still mounted) base down a little, installed new spring on old base (was not too easy, just be persistent), bent old base back into place. Did not take crank sprocket off either.

To add a little to...?

I'd post that in the actual thread, it's out of context here...

Thanks Dale!

I stuck this to the top of the sub forum, then closed this thread. That way people can post in the appropriate forum as Joe suggested. You should still be able to edit your first post should you have other good tips.

Need instructions and/or possibly a wiring diagram on troubleshooting the od button on the end of the shifter for an 01 Explorer,or is it easier to just buy a new one and replace it? Currently cannot turn off od any help is greatly appreciated.