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2001-05 Explorer Sport and Sport Trac Fog Light Mod

2001-05 Explorer Sport and Sport Trac fog light modification with photos

After reading on how to do the fog light mod on the regular Explorers, I figured I could do the same to my 01 Sport Trac. It was actually quite easy after checking out the wiring diagram manual I just bought.

I flipped the page to the diagram for the Battery Junction Box also known as the BJB. According to the manual, the Sport Trac and Explorer Sport share the same BJB. So the procedure will be the same for both.


In the diagram picture you'll notice the K337 Fog lamp isolation relay, that's the one you have to pull.
I then made a jumper wire out of two male spade connectors and a short piece of 18ga wire that I had laying around from my former employment as a 12 volt installer. You will have to shave a small amount off of one of the spade terminal sides to make it thinner.
Install the jumper wire into the pin locations like so. Make sure the shaved spade is installed to the center terminal of the three to the right.

Test and make sure the fog lights stay on when the high beams are on. If so, reinstall the cover to the battery junction box and enjoy the extra light when the high beams are on. If not, then I would suggest you check the fog light bulbs to see if they are blown or not.
I know the 1st gen ST's use the same BJB but I'm not a 100% sure the 2nd gen ST's do as well. Maybe someone with a later ST can tell me if they do or not.
Thanks for looking. Good luck.