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2001 & Early 2002 Sport Trac Fuel Hardline Compared To Late 2002 / 2003


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February 27, 2015
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2002 Explorer Sport Trac
Some people believe that the 2001 through 2005 Sport Tracs are all completely "the same." This is just one of those parts that are not the same throughout those years.

The smaller hardline is from a 2001 and should be the same for 2002 until 03/03/2002. It is 5/16 in diameter. The longer hardline is from a 2003 ( built 07/03 ) and is the same from late 2002 models starting 03/04/2002 through the end of 2003 model. It is 3/8 in diameter. My 2002 was built 07/02 and I installed this 2003 hardline because on my old hardline being messed up at the fuel filter. While I had them together I figured I'd take pictures to share with all on here for comparison and knowledge.


Look at how much smaller internally the 2001 hardline is.



My late production 2001 (mid Aug '01) has the 5/16ths line, but it has a weird 3-port fuel filter. I don't understand why Ford used this hard to find 3-port fitter, as the in-tank fuel pump assembly remained unchanged (using the internal FPR). What the purpose for the extra line running to the rear of the filter is supposed to do IDK. It appears to be some kind of additional return... ?