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2001 Explore Sport gauge problems (Tach & Fuel)


December 10, 2012
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2001 Explorer Sport
My 2001 Sport has been having issues with the gauges lately. I am not sure if its the cluster, sensors or something else.
The Tach will randomly go in and out. When its working it reads correctly but when it goes out the needle just rests on the pin. This some times happens at start up and other times while driving. Like I said its completely random and has been this way for about 8 months.

The oil gauge rests on the pin for the first 2 minutes or so that the engine is running. This has been a problem for a long time now but it was not that way when the truck was new

The fuel gauge seems to be reading incorrectly, low. This morning I filled the tank and gauge is only reading 3/4. I find this strange b/c when I have seem fuel gauges fail in the past in other cars it fails completely giving a empty reading all the time. The fuel gauge started acting up (or looking to read low) about a month ago

Any one have any tips, tricks, or fixes for the problems I am having?

Thanks in advance

I don't know about the fuel gauge, or oil pressure, other then testing the sending unit, and sensor, but the tach seems to be an reoccurring issue.

My tach does the same thing, I know the tach gets it's signal from the PCM then it goes through the C110 connector, the C146 connector, and on to the C220A connector on the back of the cluster. I have read somewhere before that the PCM translates the signal from the crank sensor into a tach signal for the cluster.

I am not sure why the tach works intermittently, but I found 1 possible solution while searching online one day in the link below.


Unless new, bench test your battery and check all connections first. These vehicles
are known for electrical gremlins with weak or faulty batteries, especially the gauges.