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2001 explorer sport frusteration

okay. here we go again. so many people are telling me different things. i own a 2001 2door explorer. the ones that share the body style of the sport tracs. the tires i have on a 255 70 16. on your tire size chart it says max size without lift is 31 1050 15. are there such thing as 31 1050 16. the guys at abbsry tires by my house looked at me like an idiot when i said i want to put on 31s. they said they wont fit.

WHAT SIZE TIRES :splat::censored:

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255/70R16 is a 31(?)... Your wheels should be 16x7 I believe

they shoud fit with minimal rubbing probably only on curtain suspension flex. beware there are a lot of tire places that wont put oversized tires on. you will have no problem with the back tires fitting

255/70R16 is a 31(?)... Your wheels should be 16x7 I believe

no, it's not, but yes he has 16x7 a 255/70R16 is a 30 inch tire. if you wanna go for a "31" with a 16 inch rim you need to put a 265/70R16. this will be a 30.6 if you can find someone that actually makes it i don't think people do, a 275/70R16 is a 31x11 so you could do that with minimal trimming. but if you want as close to a 31 as you can fit without trimming anything or changing rims, you need a 265/70R16

The '01+ Sports have a big wheel well. I have 285/75/16 (33x11.22x16) on mine with only a 2" TT and shackles. The only rubbing I have is at full lock on the sway bar. This is do to the width of the tire and being on stock rims. I was told mine would not fit either. But after seeing a silver '01 sport on here do it, I followed.

I have had 265/70R16 on my '01 sport without any problems at stock ride height.

its funny what back spacing can do for you i have a 4inch suspension lift with dc-1's on 33x10.50 my tires rub when i pull into my driveway with the wheel turned