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2001 Explorer Sport (List Problems)


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April 14, 2003
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Howell, MI
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2001 Explorer Sport
I was wanting to check with other 2001 Explorer sport owners and find out what they think of it. I love the vehicle but have a few issues with it. We always dwell on the negatives, so lets hear them.

#1) Rear Window Wiper assembly.

#2) Loose console rattles (fixed)

#3) Pinging/rattling transmission at 2500 -3000 rpm

#4) Bouncing rear suspension. Kinda tight.

More to come. Please confirm these if you find them to be a problem. List more if you have any.

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well I don't see the rear wiper as a problem, just a good excuse to get a shave:D

My console and rear left panel rattle like nothing else..... Only problem I have had other then a leaking axle.