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2001 Explorer Sport stalling and not starting HELP


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June 24, 2018
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Paso Robles, Calicornia
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2001 explorer sport
Last saturday my 01 explorer sport died at a busy intersection and would not for the life of me start or even crank over. So first off Im a girl, a BIG girl at that so regardless of that point I slowly(haha) pushed my car out of the intersection to the side of the road. Tried to crank it again and nothing. 4 more tries... nada. Thankfully my uncle (a mechanic) showed up to help me. He tried everything... jumper cables, jumping the starter, banging the whatever under the car(lol) and nothing. checked fuses and he finally just moved around the relays and it FINALLY started. So I went and bought new relays. Car worked great for almost all week then I went to a friends house yesterday and it did the same thing. Ive tried all the same things and it still will not start. If anyone has had this problem or knows anything I can do to fix it I would be so appreciative. Please HELP!

Sounds like you make have a few things going on.
When you say it don't start, does the motor crank over or it cranks but doesn't start?

If it doesn’t turn over you probably have a bad cable. Very common on these.

I would have thought a mechanic would have spotting significant corrosion on the battery cable at the battery so I won't mention that . ;)

I'd check for 12V at the starter and 12V at the solenoid when the key is turned to start it, and note whether the solenoid clicks, This assumes you have measured battery voltage and it's where it should be, around 12.6V engine off, or perhaps a bit less if multiple starting attempts have drained it some.