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2001 Ford Exp Sprt Rear end sag+unknown linkage broken


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July 3, 2009
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des moines, ia
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01 Explorer Sport
First, my 2001 explorer has 126k miles, I cannot stand though how they sit, the rear sags, and in my instance the rear sags as well as one side sags lower so it sits somewhat sideways. General reason for the sag is leaf springs? or is there other options to look into and if it is leafs is it a difficult replacement.

Also below I have a picture of the front passenger side wheel, where it appears some linkage is seperated from what I think is where its supposed to be connected to..Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for sounding so "n00bish"


Your sway bar end link broke. In regards to rear sag, is it more on the driverside? If so if its got a full tank of gas that can cause it. In any regards to rear sag, you can try getting your leaf springs re-arched to reduce the rear sag.

Sway Bar link, its busted on both sides of the vehicle then. Is that a rather tough replacement or any tips to make it a easy repair.

In regards to the sag, the entire rear sits lower than the front which I think looks ridiculously stupid. So that I want to tend to as well as the fact that the passenger side sits lower than the driveside in the rear end.. Re arching the leaf spring, tell me a bit more about that if you dont mind. Sorry for the rather n00b questions , guess ill never learn though unless i ask / attempt it.

Appreciate you taking your time to respond though...thanks .