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2001 ford explorer sport trac starting problems


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July 7, 2012
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2001 ford explorer sport

i have a 2001 ford explorer sport trac. when i drive my truck i notice that the speedometer will drop. when the speedometer drops i cant restart my truck for hours. i was told check battery, done that, i was also to replace starter done that, and i took it back to the garage, they told me it was my security. now my truck will not start at all. what will cause this problem.

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for a short answer everything could be wrong. it does sounds like you have a short some where in your electronics. did you check your fuses to see if you blow any? I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. I am not a professional by any mean ,but I would buy the Hanes manual and spend a weekend testing your electronics under the hood. the manual can be pick up at a peps boys or other auto parts stores. if you have a multi-meter you can test most parts like MAF, coils, wires, crank potion,oxygen sensor cam for proper resistance. which could give you some insight. feel free to pm with questions

I 2nd that. Get the manual and test everything before you spend money you don't need to replacing working parts.

If you have had problems with starting your 01' Trac and now it won't start at all, always start with the "holy trinity": power,spark,fuel. Fords are pretty notorious for crappy fuel pumps. When you first turn the key to the "Start" position (not cranking it over) do you hear the fuel pump pressure up the fuel-rails, you should hear a hum or whine? My 01' Trac had intermittent difficulty starting, then eventually would not start at all. No CEL or trouble codes at all. You can see the fuel pump hatch if you look between the cab and the bed. Bang on it with a broomstick a couple times and see if the truck will start. If so, fuel pump is bad.

Fuel Pump

If it cranks but won't start your Sport Trac may need a fuel pump. Just replaced mine and have to say, she's 13 years old with almost 170k on speedometer and this is my first replacement. I've been very happy with mine and will continue to keep it up until she becomes a classic and beyond.