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2001 Ford Explorer XLT Amp/Subwoofer Installation Issues?


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August 30, 2019
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2001 Ford Explorer XLT
Hey everybody,

I'm wondering if someone would please help me out with an issue I'm having installing a new after-market stereo + after-market sub/amp to my 2001 Explorer XLT? Here is the deal:

1. When new stereo is connected I get sound from all speakers besides the left rear speaker where there was previously a Line Output Converter running to the Level Control Knob and back to the Amp-I removed the LOC and wired the speaker wires back together.
2. Sound works just fine from all speakers when factory stereo is connected. Factory sub works with factory stereo only. I installed a Pioneer 8" sub in the factory sub location a while ago. I'd like that to keep working along with the newer 12" boxed sub.
3. The radio antenna plug is after-market? Car currently has an Audiovox Satellite Radio setup.. I've plugged that radio signal/antenna plug in the slot in the new stereo when checking sound.
4. Car is equipped with the 6cd changer in the middle compartment (Mach Audio)? I don't expect that to work with the new stereo but wonder if the wiring is funky on this system? Maybe the harness is not converting to correct wires?
5. Power (red wire), Ground (black wire) and Remote (blue wire) should work correctly? However, blue remote wire is not connected to the actual new stereo blue wire. Does that matter? It is set up to turn the amp on only when car starts somehow. It works just fine. The issue is getting the audio sent to the amplifier. I've tried running the RCA cables straight from the new stereo to the amp. Doesn't work.

I'm thinking that maybe the wiring harness is not totally wired correctly? Could it be possible that the wiring is telling the factory amp to run and blocking the aftermarket amp? What about the left rear speaker? I've had a lot of fun trying to figure this stuff out on my own but if I can't figure it out I will have to fork over the $200+ to have it professionally installed.. I prefer to figure it out.

More info: I'm installing the Pioneer AVH-NEX1550. I believe that once I get the speaker/amp+sub issue dealt with I can install the mic and reverse camera myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! This site is awesome!



IMO, avoid the headaches and just run new speaker wires from the head unit. Since you are going to run aftermarket sub/amp, just leave the OEM sub out of the equation. It's not like it's going to add much with aftermarket sub/amp.

@toypaseo thanks for the reply! I've basically done what you recommended.. And it turns out the head unit just requires that you allow the sub woofer in the settings tab.. I had it installed correctly to begin with. Also got the rear left speakers wired correctly. Everything sounds great.. Now just to figure out the back up camera!