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2001 Lift


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July 5, 2001
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Riverside, Ca
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'01 XLT 4x4
Hey guys, new to the list. I have a 2001 Explorer 4x4 XLT. I want to put a lift and bigger tires. Here's the thing. I have a Jeep CJ7 to rock crawl with, so I'll leave the hard stuff to that. I want to use my Explorer out in Glamis Sand Dunes. Just something that I can take out to the desert in or mob through dirt roads smoothly. What kind of suspension should I get? Is there anyone in So Cal that can fab one for me? I don't think the Trailmaster suspension will do the trick. The goal is to go pretty fast on the dirt not worring about bumbs or catching some air.


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the stock explorer is actually pretty capable of this.....

Not really, I'm not satisfied with the way it handles. It bottoms out easily, plus it's real ridged and stiff, i feel she's going to fall apart. Plus I want to add some sort of lift and larger tires...

Superlift 4" Suspension Lift Kit

This kit will be coming out end of this month or early next I have been told. It should be better than the Trailmaster 4", but might also cost a bit more. If you are looking for the cheapest lift then the body lift would be an option along with the WAR153 shackles and a TT.

3" body lift will require a few other mods in addition to the lifting.

Some ?'s

What is a TT (Torsion Twist?) What is that? What other mods are involved in a body lift?


Do a search on the TT and shackles. A quick explanation is in the mid-front of your explorer there are 2 bolts that you can turn which will give you a front end lift which you should keep to a maximum of 2" but probley 1.75 is the safest. Then order some shackles from desertrat.com. You have to call them because they dont have them listed on their website. The shackles go on the rear and will give your rear about a 1.75" lift.
The TT/Shackle lift is a very cheap way to gain a small lift on newer explorers. I received my shackles the other day and im doin mine on thursday. But if you do a search on this you will find literally EVERYTHING you need to know. Also, The TT is just labor which you can probley do and the shackles costs like $55 with shipping. You can either install them or have like a bodyshop do it for like $20 or so (I am). So for about $55 you can put on a little lift for your explorer!


I know exactly what you're looking for. I go to glamis and Ocotillo wells and bomb around in trucks all the time. A body lift isn't going to do it for you. In my opinion it's all looks. Sure you'll get some room for larger tires and then you could air them down which will get you further but it's not going to help from the bottoming. A TT from what I've read is fairly easy to do. Your best bet to get something that you can bomb the sand drags in and cruise down Sand Highway at a decnt speed with is to get A LOT of money and have on of the local shops fab you something. There's tons in SoCal that will do what you need for a price. Look at this Prerunner club and go to a meeting. These guys will point you in the right direction. I've seen a couple of newer rangers with the A Arm suspension there running coil overs with widened front ends that can blast through whoops and catch some good air. Talk with those guys and they'll get you started.

Explodor, I'm in SoCal and did the 4" lift on my '97. Look at my link bellow with all the details.

Good luck


Are your ar pythons chrome or polished? They look nice. I am thinking about getting those on mine. Have you seen the ar-136 's? They are much cheaper but I have never seen them on any trucks or suv's so dont know how they look. If your pythons are the polished, are they hard to keep clean? Just cant deside weather or not to pay $140 more for the pythons over the ar-136.

They are Plished. They looked pretty slick when new. They are still pretty nice now, but I'm thinking of buying they AR cleaner instead using the standard stuff out there.

Save the $$$