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2001 Merc Mountaineer Body mounts damaged


June 10, 2006
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2001 5.0L AWD Mountaineer
I was driving up a slight hill and I noticed ahead that there was water running down the hill. The roadway was asphalt and it had turned black because of the water on it. The water was only about an inch or two deep but I still wondered if there was a hole in the road. I watched the car in front of me go through the water with no problems. So I drove through the water at about 25 mph. Went I got about 3/4 of the way through the wet area the Merc jumped up violently on the right side. It was so bad that I immediately pulled over and stopped to see what was damaged. I saw NO damage what so ever to the tire or rim. So I walked back to where the jump happened and I saw a piece of metal that looked like a broken section of a leaf spring off of a BIG truck. (there are a lot of Large trucks going down this road all of the time) I threw the metal piece in the back and headed home.

While driving home I was hearing a wind noise coming from the right side of the car. When I got home I found that the front and rear doors on the right side were not sealing properly at the top. In fact I noticed a 1/4" gap at the top where the gasket normally seals.

I got the car up on my lift and I saw the damage to the body mount.

Evidently I clipped the piece of metal with the right tire and it flipped around and jammed into the undercarriage right where the body mount attaches to the frame. Because the car was moving forward the other end hit the road and the car pole vaulted up in the air on the right side.

I have a body shop give me an estimate of around $1000. However, the body mount extension is no longer available ANYWHERE.

So my insurance company is telling me that because a $65 part is no longer available they are going to total the vehicle.

I know the the Merc is 20 years old and 115K on the clock but I hate to give it up! I have been calling around to see if any junk yard might have a good used section that I could use to repair the Merc. I don't have a frame rack to straighten out the body, I hope that I can find a good used part.

Any thoughts?





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