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2001 Ranger Edge Front to 2000 Explorer


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December 6, 2007
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Montrose, CO
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2000 X-Edge
I did this swap because I had both rigs, got cut-off so short a guy ran over the right front fender of the Explorer which also crunched the grill. The Ranger Edge is being parted-out in favor of the 302 Explorer and it's smaller size. I'll be parting-out the Ranger, keeping the rear of the truck to make a trailer out of and selling the blower kit on Ebay. I am back in my comfort zone with a 302 and a shorter rig.
I moved over my custom consul, sub woofer and Ranger seats to the Explorer.

I have done the basics and am driving it. The biggest two issues are the way the doors match the fenders and the bumper mount. The bumper is mounted but is low so I need to move over the frame horns/bumper mounts from the Edge or something. I can fab/weld. I have the fenders I took off the Explorer so could use them to match the doors or I may put like a vent mesh there to fill-in the gap..................None of it was a simple bolt-up, no holes matched up on the fenders or grill exept the actual inner plastic fender mounts. I am not looking to finish it nicely, this is a daily driver, work truck and camping truck.




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All in all, I'm impressed with your skill. definitely a custom rig now.

Thanks, It's a bit Fugly.

I'll make the fitment better and then paint will help more..........................to be continued.

My rides are usually projects for performance and custom work. I will be checking-out your turbo, I found a little kit for around $250. The kit is probably useless with our exhaust.

With turbos's, there's back pressure anyway. I'm not sure that My torque monster headers really help any under boost.

If you front mount, you will want the after Turbo exhaust as open as possible. Maybe with the air box out, and battery relocated to the rear you could make a front mount system. I have no welding skills, so it was pretty much out of the question for me.

I like the benefits of the rear mount and do not want to cram the engine bay. I can weld/fab and tune. I utilize a Tweecer for tuning these older Fords. It will be a while, got to get the body done and a solid engine to boost.

Might as well make this a build thread.

I moved over my Ranger seats and a consul subwoofer combo I had made:


I have removed the rear seats, used old plastic crates to create storage cubbys and slapped down some particle board to make a bed. I got more of the same gray carpet I used on the consul and sub woofer but have yet to apply it to the particle board. I moved-over the 4" foam from the Ranger and custom cut it in to fit. It makes a great bed.





It's getting better looking........................


Better yet........................


Looking good, glad someone finally gave this a try. I have an extra "power dome" hood I always thought of fitting to an explorer. I saw one grafted to a sport trac hood and thought it was sweet. I don't know who's truck this is btw, saw it in a parking lot.


I got around to lifting it a bit. I took out the thick rear overload leaf and replaced it with two curved leaves on the bottom of the stack. Then I cranked-up the front. I only wanted about an inch and wil eventually got to a 31 or 32" tire.



I like the look; makes it look 'bigger'.

fitment shouldn't be too much an issue after extensions. Please keep us posted.

I think that seam between the front doors / fenders looks really good, once it's all the same color. I don't think your average non-car person is going to notice, and a car person will think it's awesome.

Now's your chance -- black flames -- fading into the red. :)

Thanks for the replies

Old tinted headlights where always a little dark.....................................

New Black headlights, chrome reflectors and clear lenses. Much better light and I was able to rub off the spray tint on the fogs.


It looks kind of like a 3rd gen. I like it but the fender/door gap would bother me.

I like the original honeycomb ranger grill better, I also agree it looks more like a 3rd gen now instead of a ranger.


This could help the critics:





What wahtttt! Damn the door gap and screw the edition whatever comments!


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^ Good to go now