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2001 Sport grille opinions wanted


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February 3, 2003
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'01 Sport, '80 Vette
Well, my birthday was yesterday, and my friend told me he would buy me a grill for a present. So I finally have to decide what grille I want. It is either a SS speed grille, or a billet grille. Either one I get, I need to have a matching lower grille, too. The limit is $200. I'm going tomorrow to a local shop to look what they have available. I know a lot of you guys have seen what's out there, and I want your opinions on what looks better and why. If you have a different suggestion besides the billet or speed, I'm open to those as well. I was origanally going to get a flamed billet from Expo5.0, but I don't have the money, and it's a little out of my friends price range. Anyways, lay the opinions on me.:D

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Personally I like the Speed grill on 01+ Sports.

Man that is a tough decision. That I decided to go with NO grill. I removed my stock grill and left it open. I might too suggest the Speed Grill. It looks better then the Billet. If you do decide to go with Billet. Do not get the one that just goes on the top of your stock grill. Get the one that replaces your grill.

Forget the grille for a minute- can I have your friend as MY friend. :p

Anyway, I like what BM has on his truck- nothing. But take that $200 and buy yourself the EE lower air dam instead.

Originally posted by X~FACTOR
Forget the grille for a minute- can I have your friend as MY friend. :p

Haha. I think he kind of feels guilty about the last gift he bought me. You see, my best friend is also my boss, and for Christmas he bought me a hitch for my truck so that I can tow the work trailer. Just what I wanted!;) Anyways, I was kind of leaning more towards the speed grille, I just don't like the look of most of the billet grilles. You gotta find the one with perfect spacing and all that crap. I'll let you guys know what I decide to get.

speed grills are sweet

I would go with the speed grill.

Well, my friend is looking at buying a house. His parents want to make sure he can afford it, so they want him to put the money away for 4 months before he actually buys it to make sure he can afford it. He plans on having his band move in with him, and his parents are worried about him getting screwed. So basically his parents won't let him spend any money right now. I'll be sure to let you guys now when I get it.

I have a Billet grill from Stylin Concepts it cost 300 total for top and bottom. I had to remove the whole grill and the billet was a solid one not likt 4 grills that go in the slots. It took awhile but i think the billet grills look better than a speed grill because the bottom doesn't have the holes for the tow hooks unless you want to keep those. I wanted a clean look so the billet grill let me do that.