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2001 sport trac $2500(approx)

i have already had him check the timing chain, its good. I just need to get over there and poke around in it and see how bad it really is.:dunno:

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I would say its a good price, Considering I still owe 9k on mine!

went and looked at it yesterday, its dirty....to say the least. I finally got a price from them, they want 1800 for it. im just waiting to see if the four wheel drive works...we had some trouble with the 2 post.:scratch: otherwise we would have done that. Given a little time and elbow grease i think it could turn out good.

Dirty cleans up. My last F150 4x4 was bought new and used for 10 years by a grading contractor, then given to his son. Dirt, dust, mud,cigarette burns, unidentifiable matter, you get the picture. I pulled the complete interior and hauled it to the dump. Went to the salvage yard and bought a complete leather Lariat interior for $100.00 . Cleaned the inside of the cab, rinsed it out with the garden hose, installed the new interior ..... looked brand new.
After removing a garbage can full of trash and vacuuming it out it looked like this:

Cleaning and "new" interior made a world of difference:

That's a hundred bucks and a weekends work.

Provided the transmission/transfer case is okay and the timing chains don't raise a racket you've got a good deal there.

By the way, the doors on that truck are worth almost as much as the price if the truck. Front doors are $450 +/-, rear doors are $350 +/-, bed is $750 +/- ......you get the picture. That truck, if at the salvage sale here, would bring $2500 easily and be put on a carrier and sent straight to Mexico to be repaired and sold. I lost bids on two Sport Tracs before I got mine. I saw both of the ones I was outbid on loaded on a carrier at a local Exports-are-us.

I paid $3700 (4500 out the dealer door) for mine with almost 300,000 miles on it. I thought I got a good deal! :) This was 2 years ago though. Door locks didn't work, driver's seat shot, wipers didn't work, door ajar issues, brakes SHOT, bad tires, and door handle issues. I am sure there was more. I bought it for a 302 conversion though, so I was mainly looking at the frame and body. After a good cleanup and a transfusion from a '96 wrecked Explorer I bought for $650 IIRC (and sold parts to get the money back), I now have a good running and looking '01 ST 302 that I use as my daily driver. Of course, many issues were solved with info from this forum.

Just depends on what you are going to do with it. That price is great if the body and frame are in good shape! I am not sure why I bought my '99 Cobra convert. I just really like driving this truck.

I am not sure why I bought my '99 Cobra convert.

You were just looking for something to slum around in...........:p: