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2001 sport track


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December 1, 2007
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2001 sport track
wifes sport died the other day . she went to start it and it would start and run but made a ticking noise ( wasnt told this part) and would die. so when I got home I started it and dang it was tuff running, well took it in looks like the belt jumped and took the valves out on one side. the motor has 111,000 miles on it. Would it be cheaper or better to just replace the motor or fix the top end ? Any idea on the cost of a rebuilt motor . The place I took it wont do the repairs.


it should be a non interference motor...it is a single overhead cam.....

so i would think that just replacing the timing chain and tensioner and setting the timing would take care of the ticking...

do a little search on the timing chain, you might be surprised