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2001 Sports Trac V8 swap


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December 11, 2016
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2001 Explorer Sport Trac
I have recently inherited my fathers 2001 Sports Trac and I love this truck! It currently has a 4.0L V6! Its a powerful engine, but it has an engine tick and its leaking oil pretty bad! My plans are going to turn it into a drag truck but that v6 isn't going to cut it for me! That being said, i love that mustang engine (the coyote). That 435hp would be a good upgrade! I don't have a clue on how many hours it would take to take out the old and put in the new! Also I know the base coyote engine is around $1300 (i have no idea if that sounds right) on fordracingpartsbydonwood.com how much would a wire harness and all other parts cost? Rough numbers work! I just have no idea! I hope you guys can help!

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You won't get a coyote engine in a sport trac under $20k. I say this because parts are expensive and unless you have some knowledgeable charity labor you will need to pay a fabricator because you can't just buy parts that make it bolt up.

Take a ruler, anything 4-5 inches away from either side of the current engine has to be removed. A 460 has a smaller footprint.