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2001 XLT 4x4

I just traded my 98 Vette in for a 01 XLT.. I needed more room, wanted the 4x4 for snow and offroading and I'm paying 200 a month less in payments..

I just hope that this Ford is as reliable as the other Ford's I've had in the past. I had a 94 Ranger LX that I bought new, and the only problems I ever had with it was the front calipers with the original plastic pistons warped the rotors. The dealer replaced the rotors and calipers and no more problems.

I traded the Ranger in on a 95 SHO... great car, but the steering rack did go out on it twice..

I then traded the SHO in on a 97 Cobra.. absolutely wonderful car, nothing ever went wrong with it.. (that I didn't cause)

But I wanted a Vette.. traded the Cobra in on the Vette.. well after 2 years of my son sitting on my wife's lap when we would take it anywhere it was just too small.. SO.. we now have the Explorer.. I think that I'll like it..


i got the ssame car , its nice u will like it.


sounds like you always pick a nice car to drive