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2002-2005 FAQ regarding lifts, tires, etc

sounds like a plan to me. Im prolly gona do the same thing but just buy it all at once. Is 1.75 and 1.5 a good lift for you?

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I think so. I don't seem to have some of the problems the 2.25/1.75 kits are having. I got about 2.5" of lift out of the 1.75/1.5 setup.

Remember that with that height spacer you'll need to use a dremel or air grinder to slightly shorten the studs on top of your struts for it all to fit.

with higher spacers or the one that you have?

but you dont hav to do it if you go higher?

Correct. For 2.25" spacers in the front you wont have to do it. I think you might still have to for the rear spacers (1.75")

It wasn't much that had to come off...maybe 1/8 of an inch. Easy job with the dremel. To me the only downside is it added a couple minutes install time for each strut.

oh ok thanks Ronin. much appreciated

So, if I get 255/65/17 or 265/65/17 and get a spare will it fit under my EX?

With 285's you'll have rubbing on the inside of the wheel well when turning and flexing off road. If your looking for the biggest and the price difference is minimal, I say go for the bigger tire.:thumbsup:

Thats what I'm thinking... I want to get some black rock crawlers too. Ive heard the procomp 52s 16x8 and 285s doesn't rub after the btf lift and minimal trimming.. but I really want to run crager soft 8s and 285s. I believe these have a 4in backspacing? Anyone else have experience with this? I have very limited knowledge in backspacing and such

The thing you want to pay attention to with backspacing is how far it puts the tires away from the top part of the spindle on the front suspension. I can't speak to the 285's but I am running 265/75/16's on wheels with 4.5" backspacing and I have at least an inch between the tire and the spindle. 285/75 are even wider than 265's so I'd say go with 4 - 4.5" backspacing and you should be ok

I have a 2005 Limited and tried to use the throttle body for a 4.6L F150 witht the drive by wire throttle body. I have an SCT tuner on it from Doug of Bamachips and when I installed the throttle body the vehicle went into limp mode after 20 miles of driving. Doug mentioned that the computer has to be reprogrammed with the larger size throttle body because the system is setup to maximize torque. Had to remove the new throttle body because there is no one in the Seattle area that can help me with the new throttle body.

Does 275/65/17+9 and all-terrain tires fit my 04 explorer Eddie bauer v6 4dr without lifted or lowering??? Or what size can I put on to make my truck look bigger?? And I don't want any rims bigger than 17s or thinner tires....give me some ideas guys....thanks

You'll just get away with 265/70/17's in an AT tyre.

I looked through here, but i couldnt find any info on if our explorers need to have hubcentric wheels or not

I wouldnt say need but I would say should. Definitely a safer option to have the wheel supported by the hub as opposed to the studs.

Kinda looking at some new rims. Was wondering how heavy the stock 17 inch wheels are?? I have newer 255/65/17 tires so I'd like to keep the rims 17's. I've been looking at some black Crager Soft 8's. Anything I need to know?? I know the bolt spacing is 5x114 but what is the backspacing??? I don't want the tires to stick out past the fenders.

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i try to get some strud spacers from brandon (already called him).
so what would be the best set? 2.5" front and 2.25" rear?
the ex should be leveled out (same high in front and back).

greetings tom