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2002 4.6L Strange Fuel issue


January 7, 2011
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2002 Limited V8
Hi Everyone,
This is an issue that maybe one of you can explain. My 2002 V8 Explorer with 199k miles has had a few issues with performance so I dug in and found the following. Both the driver's side and 3rd Catalytic have blown all of the cores out of them, the driver's side upstream O2 sensor has completely destroyed itself,so of course the muffler was clogged with the residue from the Cats. I cleaned all the insides out of the Cats and muffler and figured I would do a compression test and check the coils and plugs just to what was going on. The driver's side plug wells contained oil (bad valve cover gasket) as I assumed which probably caused the Cats to fail.. I cleaned and gapped the plugs and checked all the coils and boots and the compression was 150psi on all cylinders. Of course the check engine light is still on, but it recovered most of it's power.
Here is where it gets weird, I began to pull the air intake to do the same on the passenger side and found a ton of gasoline in the snorkle. I have never seen anything like this before. I cleaned the IAC and throttle body which was very dirty and made sure all the passages were clean, tested the EGR valve with vacuum, PCV valve rattles as it should. Air filter is good. I know with the bad O2 sensor and non functioning Cats that it won't run perfect, but how would fuel get into the inlet? It has to be leaking down from the Throttle body, but why that much and what would cause it? I have not done the compression test or passenger side coils and plugs yet, but I had just checked the plugs and coils on that side 500 miles ago and all were good and there was no fuel in the intake hose then. Any Ideas on this, could the fuel EVAP system be causing this? Fuel pressure is good and filter was just changed as well. I also cleaned the MAF sensor.
Any help would be appreciated!