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2002 ex xlt..stuttering problems


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March 26, 2006
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queens, ny
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02 XLT
whats up everyone....any info on how to help me out or an ideas are appreciated....

a month ago i started to notice that everytime i would slow down to either traffic or to a red light my car would stutter a bit and the rpms would drop and then catch itself...it would do this on and off whenever it felt like it...last week it got to a point where at idle in park the car would shut off...and when i slowed down to stop it would shut off...sometimes the car would stutter and sometimes it shut off...just had to put it in neutral and it restarted again...went to my mechanic and diagnosed it as a bad iac sensor. replaced it and off i went...went a few blocks and there it goes again...same problem as before...stuttering and shutting off...went back...and told him maybe it was a defective iac sensor...he got another one and replaced it again...so far for 2 days the idle is better...doesnt do it too often but it still stutters a bit and actually shut off on me when i was going home tonight...any input or ideas would be great....if im missing something please tell me and ill try to explain it more...

UPDATE: 1-25-11

i found the problem for my car stalling out and my mechanic fixed it...i wrote everything in posts #19 and #20 of this thread hope this helps anybody else... http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=303791

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Is it thowing a code? Fuel filter? MAF clean or throttle body clean? Air filter? These are probably stupid suggestions, but I just thought I'd chuck 'em out there.

nothing stupid about suggesting its good... Fuel filter was replaced a month ago...there is no check engine light..I got a k&n cai...u think maybe the maf has to be replaced? If it was that Im guessing the cel would come up

The maf or throttle body may just need a clean, 'cause it only seems to be doing it at low revs. Cheap to eliminate that as the problem for a can of maf cleaner?

ttt...updated the fix to my problem look at post #1 thanks again to everybody for the input