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2002 Explorer 4.6 engine swap from a 2003?


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March 20, 2013
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2002 Ford Explorer V8
I've been looking into this for a couple of hours. I have a 2002 Explorer that needs a new engine. (212,000 the timing chain tensioner broke) I found a 2003 explorer 4.6 engine for the swap. When I search car part by the 2002 year, it only lists 2002 exp 4.6's. when I search for 2003, it lists 2003 and newer. I also verified both vins as having W as the 8th character.

I look at this site and the engines look the same.

Yes they are the same no difference.. can also search my thread for using a town car 4.6

i did the same thing a couple months ago. 2002 Explorer 4.6 - timing tensioner broke. Bought used engine from a 2003 mountaineer 4.6 w/80k. Swapped right in. Just make sure to use your original flywheel, do not break any connections on your current engine harness. From the mountaineer to ex swap, i had to use my ex valve covers.

Engine was bought from junkyard for $800, and i got to keep my old engine. While the engine is out, you might as well do a full tune-up, belt and valve cover gaskets. Use PB Blaster, not wd-40.

Hope this helps.