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New Member
August 25, 2015
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City, State
Upstate New York
Year, Model & Trim Level
2002 Ford Explorer
Hello, I have used this site many times over the years, and always been able to find the answer, until now. any help would be appreciated. It's kind of a long story, but here it is.

I bought this explorer off of craigslist a few weeks ago, and have been having trouble with the 4wd ever since. It started out with the 4x4 High light flashing in the dash. It would go into 4x4 low just fine, but it would not shift into high, and the light would flash ten times every two minutes or so. After hours of searching on these forums, I narrowed it down to most likely being my two output shaft speed sensors, located on the drive shaft coming out of the transfer case, or the 4x4 control module. after looking into getting these parts, I realized this could get quite pricey $$$.

I then realized it seemed as though it was binding whenever I would turn, which made me wonder if the 4x4 was sometimes engaged. after doing some more research, I disconnected the 4x4 control module, and put my back tires on the grass and my front tires on the pavement to see if I was in two wheel drive, which it is. I then headed to my local U-Pull it and was able to find two control modules for $20 dollars with the same part number as mine. tried both, and it still does the same thing. I took off the shift motor, and engaged and disengaged the 4x4, and the shift motor is working fine.

After putting it all back together, I put it into 4x4 low, and jacked up one of the back tires, (being that it has advancetrac, I pulled the ABS/Advancetrac fuse) to see if the front tire would spin with the back one, which it didn't.

So my problem is, It never goes into 4x4, but the light says it goes into 4x4 low. and the light is always flashing.

My question is this, does this have air-locking hubs, and could those be a problem? And why would it go into 4x4 low, but not high?

Any Comments would be greatly appreciated. I'm not really sure what the next step should. If I missed something, or if someone has had the same issues, please let me know. It would save me a hundred dollars that I don't have to go to the dealer and have them read the computer. Thanks