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2002 Explorer 4x4 stuck in low, new module and shift motor

J Meyer

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December 31, 2017
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branchville, nj
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2002 xlt 4wd
Hi, I have a 2002 Explorer with 148,000 miles. The four wheel drive was not
working when I got it. It was in 2wd and would not shift into 4x4 high or low.

When starting the truck only the 4x4 low light would come on and then go off
no flashing. The 4x4 high light would not come on at all. All 4x4 fuses inside
and under the hood were good.

I replaced the transfer case control module, started the truck both the 4x4
low and high light came on, the 4x4 high light goes out and the 4x4 low light
stays on, no flashing.

It has shifted into 4x4 low and thats all. Now it will not shift out of 4x4 low.

To further complicate the issue the front wheels do not engage in 4x4
although the trans is obvious in low range as the rpm are through the roof at
20 mph. I am guessing the auto hubs are shot? Right now i'm not worried
about getting the 4x4, I need to get the trans out of low range.

I thought the shift motor had gone bad and replaced that also. I can shift the
transfer case by hand, the new motor has shifted back into low range.

No change the truck is stuck in low range and will not shift out. I have tried
shifting into neutral, driving in reverse etc.

Any suggestions any has to get this thing out of low range would be


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November 12, 2009
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West-Central AZ along the Colorado River
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59 Ranchero F250 D'Line
@J Meyer
Remove TC shift motor, manually shift TC to HIGH range, then replace motor on TC. Disconnect shift motor, or determine which fuse feeds it, and remove it. This should keep you in HIGH range by preventing shift motor from moving it to LOW. Meanwhile, your 4X4 AUTO and 4X4 HIGH buttons should still work, if magnetic clutch is not fed by same fuse. If it is, replace fuse, disconnect shift motor at TC. imp