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2002 explorer electrical problem, need help!


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May 8, 2019
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Aberdeen, WA
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2002 Explorer 4 door xlt
I drained the battery by mistake. So this morning I charged it back up. I'm thinking that maybe I damaged something when I unhooked the charger without unplugging it first.
The instrument panel, radio, moonroof, and glove box light are all dead and I can't find a bad fuse. Does anyone know what these circuits all have in common, or any suggestions?


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Did you test the battery first to make sure it actually charged back up?

If the battery is charged properly, are the cables hooked up and tight?

Hopefully you didn’t charge the battery with the cables still attached.

Why shouldn't you charge a battery with the cables attached?

My understanding is that you could have a power surge go through the cables and fry your electronics. Manuals on the chargers I’ve used always say to take the battery out.

A lot of charges have a start feature, that definitely requires the battery to be in the vehicle.

I’ve never unhooked a battery for charging and never had an issue.

Do the headlights work?

I also have never heard of having to remove the battery from the system before charging. I would certainly try a known good battery before going any farther. Once a lead acid battery is drained fully it looses capacity and will never be as good as a new one. If it is five years old or more it certainly needs replacing.

Is there corrosion on the terminals. Remove clean and reinstall.