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2002 Explorer Lighting Issue

I've got a 2002 Explorer and I am having and issue with the automatic headlights. The headlights work on all settings, but when it is set on automatic headlights, the dash lights and tail lights do not work. They work fine when you turn the headlight switch on, but nothing lights up on the dash or tail lights when you have it on the automatic setting. Is there a fuse or relay that may be the issue? Is it the switch? Thanks for the help.

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The fuse & relay info is contained in the owner's manual. If you don't have an owner's manual, Dead Link Removed.

Here is the info from my '02 owner's manual:

There is one fuse related to the autolamps in the Central Junction Box, located under the driver side dash:

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#20 is a 5A fuse labeled Memory Module, GEM Module:

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There are 3 fuses and 1 relay related to the auto lamps in the Battery Junction Box, located under the hood, behind the battery:

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#1 is a 60A fuse labeled PJB, #16 is a 15A fuse labeled Headlamp Switch, #22 is a 20A fuse labeled Autolamp; Low Beam, #51 is a relay labeled Autolamp Relay:

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Your issue could also be the sensor or the switch.

Hope this helps out. :biggthump

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