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2002 explorer seat swap


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May 28, 2014
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Strawberry AR
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Ford Explorer
Hey guys quick question about the front seats. I use my 02 Explorer to deliver mail and as of right now I have been sitting on some foam and a pillow that are stuffed where the center console was once located. It has done the job so far, but its getting a little wore out and so heres my question, Can i get a bench seat out of a ranger (Or anything elseĺ and it fit without any or much altercations to the seats or body? Thanks in advance!


Hauls the mail.
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June 17, 2004
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Knoxville, TN
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98 Limited AWD
Welcome, and that's a wide SUV to deliver with. Can you not reach the pedals at all from the right seat? I delivered last with my 99 Explorer before being forced to use an LLV. I always sat in the right seat with the seat belt on in the Explorers.

I'll let others suggest what possible bench seat might have come in something similar. I don't know of any.

I don't know what seat you have now, but you might look also to find one that is more flat than most models. In the pre-2002 Explorers, the 99-01 was the one that had a flat seat, in the Limited model. Almost everything else has taller side support than the middle of the seats. Good luck,