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2002 explorer timing issue ?


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March 3, 2014
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2002 ford explorer sport
First time poster here . I recently bought a 2002 explorer sport 2x4 5speed 4.0sohc . I've been doing some reading on here ( lot of great information by the way ) .. From what I've read the 01-03 sport is grouped with the 2nd generation .. My question is that I've read about the timing chain guide issues with the 01-02 explorers but does this it apply to the sports ? I currently have 157,000 miles and no issues. Just wondering how many miles I can reasonably exspecting to get out of it . Any input or oppions would be appreciated.

SOHC V6 timing chain related issues

Timing chain related component failures apply to all Ford 4.0L SOHC V6 engines installed in Explorers, Mountaineers, Rangers, and Mustangs. Improvements to increase reliability were incorporated in engines installed in 2002 and later vehicles. Unfortunately, the traction side of the right cassette guide assembly was never reinforced with metal so the plastic can still break from fatigue.

When this guide breaks the engine or transmission must be pulled to replace it. Using synthetic oil and a quality oil filter with good flow and anti-drainback valve may increase the life of the components.

Thanks for the quick reply ! That's what I expected to hear unfortunately. I will be sure to use good oil and hope for the best lol :thumbsup: