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2002 Explorer XLS rear disk brake dragging


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November 30, 2007
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2002 XLS
The ABS light comes on after I use the brakes a few times. If I turn the engine off and start it again the light goes out. The rear drivers brake seems to be dragging. The break releases but it still drags enough to cause the brake to get much hotter than the other brakes. The caliper doesn’t seem to be sticking and the park break cable is releasing. Is the ABS system causing the breaks to not fully release or is the problem with the caliper. The rear disk break pads are new and the park break cable got stuck and broke so I replaced it. Any suggestions as to what the problem is.

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hopefully we get some answers because i have the same problem with my 2002 xlt except for the abs light problem. I also have a new parking brake and new rear brakes. I have even taken it in to a local shop and they couldn't find the problem and i don't like other people working on my truck.

Since you both changed the cable, are you sure it's the DISK that's grabbing. Maybe it's the tight side of the parking brake? The excessive heat could be causing the ABS sensor to see a problem. Check the tension on the parking brake cable, and cure the heat buildup problem first. Then see if the ABS light stops comming on.

I checked the parking brake and it's not rubbing.....you can tell its been hot but it's not touching. It was good for about 6 months and i had to stop the truck fast recently on the freeway and it stuck for about 10 seconds. It has been fine since.

I will probably regrease everything.