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2002 "hulk" explorer project


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March 15, 2014
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2002 ford explorer awd
i have an 02 ex that I only paid $500 for... yes only 500... long story... so before any one ask why I don't get a v8 one r 2wd that's why..... now I want to know would it be best to have the 4.6 v8 r the 5.4 v8........ or should I beef up my 4.0L v6..... and I also mite want to lower it or install airbag it... but the problem is that it is all wheel drive...... can I pull out the front drive shafts and it wont leak... and can I install a solid rear axle r install the rear end for a cobra..... I really want the 4.6 from the cobra 2004.... but I don't know if the factory tranny r rear end can hold up.... also gonna run 6 15's in a wall... please help

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having awd isn't a bad thing, many id not most rally racers run it. As for wanting a v8 i understand but why not wait till the engine gives out on you then build it up from there.

I'd leave the 4.0 alone, drop it down and have a nice cruiser that will make you go more deaf than I am.

If you do the brown wire mod (BWM), you will get the best of both worlds - 2WD when the switch is off, and Auto 4WD if you turn the switch on. It isolates the electric transfer case, so while the front axles still rotate, they're effectivley in neutral when the switch is off.

The 4.6 16V V8 is no great engine - it does the job OK, but if you're going to convert, I reckon go the 5.4 16V from the F150 - more power, more torque; 2-valve 5.4 SOHC rated at 260 hp (194 kW) and 350 lb·ft (475 Nm) , and will still run on the factory ECU (though an SCT flash tuner would be ideal to tune it properly). The gearbox and diff should handle the stock 5.4 with no dramas - just don't go silly with power adders and you'll be fine (torque rating for the box is max of 550 lb.ft).

The brown wire mod is ineffective on an awd setup.

The brown wire mod is ineffective on an awd setup.

I assumed that even though AWD was mentioned, he meant 4WD since the 02 model didn't come with AWD (AWD was introduced in 03 for Eddie Bauer and Limited models). But technically you are correct that BWM does not work with AWD.

Ah I didn't know that little secret that explains why even the 2002 mountaineer clusters which have awd contain the lights for 4wd

i think its awd because i has no off button for the 4x4.... also i was thinkin about using the 5.4..also wanted to know can i pull out the front cv joints and lower because its a gonna be a show truck... also i would like to beef up the 5.4 to put out around 350hp to 425

Does it have a 4x4 Auto and 4x4 Low? I don't believe the auto will bolt up to the trans you have and you can't make it 2wd if you have the AWD anyway.

To make your life and wallet much happier, just leave the 4.0 alone and make a sick engine cover. Leave the axles alone and slam it with whatever wheels you want. Fancy paint, fancy interior with a slamming sound system and a reliable engine would be your best move. If you honestly want a V8, then unload yours and buy one with the V8 because they are plenty fast. Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do

it has 4x4 auto.. low .. and high....... i. was thinkin about pullin the motor and tranny and run the tanny n 5.4 from a navi and remove the transfer chase and 4wd system and lower it..... i was gonna do wat most people do to g body cars.... so i wanna do sum new and buff up a suv .... also dont mind spendin money.... just wanna do sumthing really not ever done

nvm imma use the dohc 4.6 ... but i dont know how to lower it

nvm imma use the dohc 4.6 ... but i dont know how to lower it

They make lowering springs and you'll have no trouble being 4wd.

You do not have awd since you have the option to select different settings. You'rd currently on 4x4 Auto which is 2wd until the rear tires slip and then the front will kick in momentarily to assist, then it goes back to 2wd. 4wd HI is full-time 4x4 and 4wd LOW is low-range.

A DOHC 4.6 will be fairly wide and a snug fit. Looking forward to you getting this completed and make sure you document the process. If I were you, I'd save the engine swap for last and get everything else in place.

thx n i will and i was thinkin the same cuz its gonna cost.... and imma look into the lowering springs