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2002 Lights

Just got a new 2002 XLT, thought I had fog lights. What are the lights just in from and slightly below the headlights? They dont turn on with headlights or hi-beams. Dont have a fog light position on the headlight control.

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I thought that the big area was the driving light and the little one was the High beam. Is that now the case? I was really wanting to try and convert my housing to those if that is not the case nevermind. I have a 2001 sport with HID conversion and the second area would be great for a high beam.

No they are not hi beams, they just dont light up at all!

Are they turn indicators?

No, not turn indicators. They are clear halogen bulbs, look like a 9005 headlight bulb. Its in a small circular reflector, looks like it would be a pretty good driving light. I guess I'll head back to the dealer and ask them. Probable get the "deer in the headlight" look, Hu.....don't know!!!!:bounce:

Here is a pic of one with them on. It sounds like your might be broken. Go back to the dealer and tell them to give you a new Explorer :D

2002 australia.jpg

Thanks for the help! Yep, they were broken! They are the hi-beams.... VERY BRIGHT now that they work. I have a 2001 F-250 Super Duty pick up and the headlights on the 2002 Explorer are two to three times brighter! I'm very happy.:)