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2002+ Offroading Photos Wanted

Richloam Florida


Little mud i found near my house

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i know i'm probably person 837864918 to ask.... but would you ever fab your bumpers and rails to order?
ha! would be fun to build a few more but I could not do them to order, I would have to have the truck to ensure proper fitment. so if your coming through seattle :)

The rock sliders are just a modified version of this kit. DIYRS80-80" DIY Dom Rock Slider I shortened and narrowed them a few inches to fit the explorer better.

Here is some more info on how it all went together Project "You want to take what to Moab!?" Winch, Bumpers, Sliders and more

Hey folks! First time posting on this awesome site but certainly not my first visit! Thought I'd post a few pics of my pride and joy =) It's an '02 XLT V6. I bought it pretty stock except for the bullbar. Since then I've added UHF radio, In-Dash GPS, 2.5" cat-back exhaust and a 2" Traxda lift and level kit. Future additions would be some nice BFG all terrains and possibly lockers as well.

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My family and I made a run today. Tahuya ORV in the PNW.
Bone Stock on Street tires. ;)
Lucky for me, someone came by with a Jeep and winched me off of the stump that I so gracefully lodged myself upon.

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