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2002+ Offroading Photos Wanted

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im new to this forum still, and i have a few pics... nothing extreme for i just turned 17.... but that doesnt stop me from "borrowing" my moms 3rd gen ;)

must be nice, my mom would kill me if I even thought about taking it off-road. hell it takes an of god for her to let me drive it around the block. Not that I would ever let her drive mine either. We're all very possessive of our cars in my family.

bad day

haaah well at that time i was a novice at off roading about 16- the mud was about 2-3 feet deep and i thought it wasnt too soft by the looks....WRONG it was covered in hay and thick....how did i get out? well being a novice we didnt think we would get stuck in our "fine off roading machine" cough:mall crawler lol so my buddy in his 2nd gen awd v8 X drove me back to my house where we got a list of things, -bungee cords, rope, twine, (my fav) extension cords, and small chains (which broke first)...and you can even see if you look close enough, the extension cord doubled back and forth on the tow packages' "trailer chain" attatchments......needless to say we got it out after me rear ending him coming out of the ditch (i had that thing floored) lol... when i got home the parents werent there (thank god) and i went around to inspect damage....bumper-frame dent from rear-ender, the lower right side of the front plastic valence was bent in a good 6 inches (from hitting a tree stump out of the way) so i took one of those $5 blow torch lighters and heated around the outside -while ponding from in the wheel well...sure enough the plastic softened and i popped that baby out only leaving a few scratches......................................all in all i learn many lessons that day. lol :rolleyes:
heres about how much it was dented in before (i have no before shot too frantic) lol

heres a pic of the after shot if you can imagine that whole corner bashed in... ps it was still a little dirty and i just hand&spit cleaned it off it looks pretty damn fixed


well jesus man thats pretty good... i mite get u to get my dings out when i screw up ****

ha ha! reminds me of Ferris Bueler's Day Off :D
(we've all been there..)

well done man! :thumbsup:

can you fix my scratch in my bumper too

haha well sandpaper may help the scratch- but mine was a DENT lol im talkin like it looked a REALLY mad 8 ft tall man with steel toe boots tried to punt the front valence..i was really suprised it all worked out...:)

That was the same place my bumper cover got dented in when I rear-ended a Caravan that decided to stop in the middle of an intersection. :mad:

While we were waiting for the police to show up, I reached underneath and popped out the dent, and aside from a little crack and scratch, it was almost undetectable. Meanwhile, her Caravan is sitting there with the rear liftgate dented in about a foot or so, and her back window all shattered. When the cop got there, he looked at both of our vehicles, kind of smirked, and went back to writing out the report.

Upon further inspection, I saw I had cracked the front header panel, so one headlight was a little out of aim, but I simply aimed it again, put a little JB Weld on the crack to ensure its strength, and left it alone. If you weren't looking for it, you'd never notice.

wow, ive had that happen to me in my 2nd gen..some idiot in an old bmw was trying to collect alot of insurance money from me as he pulled out in front of me doin about 20 on a 55- i had to brake severly as i was doing about 65 and swerve him all while thinking over and over in my mine "NOT TOO SHARP!, NOT TOO SHARP!" cause i know it would have rolled if i jerked real hard.....that guy got a real nasty look + the finger on that one but commenting on your expo - thats what im talkin about! we had a dodge caravan before the 3rd gen......was on the way to the shop with a little engine noise when WHAAAAM!! the 3rd piston went through the oil pan, rod and everything...ford 4 everrr :)

oh and by the way the plastic mount on the fog light cracked off so now it can move semi-freely...i will just need some gorilla glue on that one of these days....

Wish I had better pics

Well these are the best I can do for pics. I'm always driving so can't take the awesome pics. I bottom out alot in my Explorer too so it's hard to do some serious off-roading. Whenever the ex-wife grows up I'm going to invest in those Quick Lift System things from Rancho. Hopefully they're worth it!




Dangerous river crossing with class 5 rapids here!!


It sucks when this little bit is pushing the limits.


I got a couple more but I'm sure I've already gone overboard with all these ones.

daaang looks like ya did a crunch on those running boards? those have been my problem with the 3rd gen and my 2nd gen- tried to take em off my second gen and there were nasty screw holes at the bottom of the body that you could see....so i put them back on.. :) o well

well, on the 3rd gen, you're gonna drag the frame even if you don't have the running boards. might as well have the boards and cover the frame

Those running boards are the only thing that gets more abused than my paint job! It's gotten to the point that I'm like...ehhh, it's just the running boards. Drag 'em all the time :D. I know though that when they hit that the frame is not very far from hitting itself so I have an idea of that.

dang, ill pull her out...

My '02 EB last summer...



i want to add photos but dnot know how

These are really cool photos. Keep them coming.

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i like the dudes face in the first pic haha... nice photos